The Large Hadron Supercollider pictured above is the biggest in the world. It accelates particles to velocities approaching the speed of light, then creates collisions to study the behavior of matter at sub-atomic levels.

We are looking for partners who are passionate about building communities, solving problems and having fun along the way.

Photon Accelerator Austin

Supercollider creates unexpected collisions of innovators to unlock energy.

We organize monthly meetups and an annual conference called Synaptic Supercollider.

We are looking for a partner to be a Photon Accelerator (PA), or what other organizations might call a Membership Coordinator.

As a PA, you will work with the founder of Supercollider to select the date and venue for monthly meetups, and invite a featured member or guest. The PA will help to create and post announcements to social media, recruit new members, understand participants' professional aspirations and be a matchmaker with other members that may benefit from collaboration.

This is an excellent position for somebody who loves Austin and is passionate about economic and community development. It is especially well suited to candidates interested in evolving professionally by networking with leaders in business and the arts. Students wanting to line up job opportunities for after graduation are also welcome to apply.

This is a volunteer position with the opportunity to make bonuses based on results.

If you are interested, please email with a link to an online bio and an explanation of why you are motivated to work with us.


Marc Bolh
Founder Supercollider

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