A Supercollider is a particle accelerator, 10 miles in circumference. It accelerates photons to the speed of light and smashes them together to unlock energy.

In a metaphorical sense, Supercollider creates unexpected collisions of innovators to unlock energy. Our photons are members, and we accelerate them with fun and educational events like meetups and conferences, but also cake decorating.

Supercollider is a good place to find fulfillment. If you are an entrepreneur, Supercollider is a good place to find a partner or an intern. If you are a student, Supercollider is a good place to find an internship.

If you are a creative individual, Supercollider will help you succeed with your projects. A startup founder might find a CTO, and a guitar player might find a drummer to start a band with. An artist might find benefactors and a benevole might find purpose. You might even find a romantic partner. Yeah, that’s allowed, shocking, right? 😱

Come without expectations, leave with inspiration.

Supercollider is purposefully open-ended so members are free to make what they want of it. We provide access to leading thinkers, innovators and ideas, to inspire members to action.


Supercollider is international. It was born in Burlington Vermont, expanded to Austin Texas and then on to Medellin Colombia, Buenos Aires and Sydney.

Supercollider is for everybody, for real. While other groups say they are inclusive, they often exclude by gender and ethnicity in the name of social justice. Our events are open to all, equally and equitably. We aspire to have millions of members helping each other to reach higher ground.

Supercollider isn’t for the faint of heart or the easily offended. We promote respect and collaboration but nobody gets a monopoly on defining appropriate behavior or acceptable thoughts. We are free thinkers and defenders of individual freedoms, because creativity doesn’t flourish when groupthink is mandated and dissenters are canceled.

In its simplest form, Supercollider is fun, because when people enjoy themselves in a relaxed and welcoming setting, good things happen, partnerships form, ideas blossom.

If you are human, chances are you’ll find others like you. Come, experience Supercollider for yourself.


Marc Bolh

Lead Sherpa